Modifications for bulletin boards

We offer modifications and patches for popular message boards. These patches include the mileage icon as an avatar in the user's profile.

Modifications for phpBB

The board software will be enhanced with the following features after applying the patch:
1. The vehicle id can be entered in the user's profile:

new user profile

2. The mileage icon is shown in threads:

new avatar

Here you can download the required patch-file: spritmonitor_phpbb_mod.txt. A basic installation guide for phpBB-modifications can be found at How to install MODs.

Modifications for Woltlab Burning Board (WBB)

This modification shows the mileage icon in threads. The vehicle id can be entered in a new textfield in the user's profile.

WBB2: spritmonitor_wbb2_mod.txt
WBB3: WBB3 Plugin
WBB4: WBB4 WCF 2.0

Modifications for Woltlab Burning Board Lite (WBBLite)

This modification adds a new input field "Verbrauch". If the user inputs the spritmonitor vehicle id, the mileage is shown in threads and the user profile.

The description of this modification: WBBLite-Anleitung.txt
Author: Shr522 from Support on

Modification for PHORUM

This modification adds for PHORUM.

Description and patch available here.
Author: Oliver Riesen from Langzeittest

The modifications on this page are only recommendations. does not give support for the board software and does not accept any liability for error or omission.

If you would like to integrate mileage icons in other board systems or if you have written your own patch, please let us know.

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